AutoStitch – My New Favorite iPhone Panorama App

Back in November of 2008, I wrote up a quick review of two iPhone panorama stitching applications – Panorama vs. Pano. Shortly after that review, Panorama changed it’s interface, but it has remained my panorama app of choice. Until tonight.

Enter AutoStitch for iPhone.

AutoStitch appears to be based on the same core technology as my favorite desktop stitching application, Calico. It was almost two years ago to the day that I found a Mac application using the AutoStitch technology and AutoStitch for iPhone is a great way to celebrate that anniversary.

Unlike either Panorama or Pano, you can simply point Autostitch to photos you’ve already taken and it will automatically analyze the images to create the best panorama possible from them. This DRAMATICALLY reduces the time it takes to capture a panoramic image. There is no need to worry about accurate alignment. For the sample image below, I took 15 photos in quick succession. I only almost no care in making sure there was consistent overlap. Those photos were automatically saved to my iPhone photo album.

After launching Autostitch, you simply select the photos you want it to stitch together. AutoStitch has a “tutorial” on their site, but it’s not needed. Point it at your photos and let it rip. AutoStitch analyzed the photos and created a panorama from the images in short order.

Here are some screen captures from the process:

Select Your Photos img_0005

Here is the resulting image. (Click to view larger)

AutoStitch Example 1

And here is the cropped version. (Click to enlarge)


It just doesn’t get any simpler than this. And don’t worry that your panoramic image doesn’t look very clear on your iPhone. When you get it to your computer you’ll find a nice surprise. As the AutoStich FAQ explains, “The iPhone Photos app limits the resolution at which it displays images. As it limits display resolution to a maximum in each image dimension, the display resolution can seem particularly low for long and narrow images.”

I’m going to have some fun with this app!

UPDATE: Here is a sample AutoStitch for iPhone photo set on Flickr. To demonstrate ease of use, took the 14 photos in 48 seconds.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I must have missed this one but it looks like it’s simple and quick to use. Great tool for getting photos to out of town clients quickly!

    FYI-I just purchased my first MacBook and I’m amazed at how intuative the apps are to use.

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