I would gladly pay for an Utterli iPhone App

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Twootball Falls Short Of Goal Line

When I saw the description for the Twootball iPhone App, a smile came to my face. Twootball has one simple function – display a live stream twitter conversation about NFL teams, organized around the games for that week. The idea of sitting in front of an upcoming playoff game and easily meeting new people via […]

Apple, Please Let The Good Ideas Live

NetShare Unlikely to Return to U.S. App Store – Mac Rumors. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger Apple advocate than me. I know they’re out there, but they don’t get out much. So, when I dog Apple, you can bet I feel strongly about it. In a conversation with Teresa Boardman, a Realtor® […]

Evernote iPhone App Fills A Gap

I was looking forward to the iPhone 2.0 release for many reasons, and one of them was the potential to record voice notes and email them to myself, others… Utterz. Why? There are times when the cellular connection available at the time I would like to record is not optimal. I would like to know, […]

An Audio/Visual VoiceCloud Example

Here is the text exactly as it was transcribed and sent to my email: “Hi I’m leaving a message for myself so you can see the accuracy f the voicecloud service. I wasn’t convinced about this service until someone left me a very lengthy email today and the transcript came in almost perfectly. I was […]

Have A Listen To Lifehacker on Jott Feeds

I listen to my Utterz Circle in the car. It’s one of my forms of driving entertainment and also a way to maximize my time. I love it. Jott just added a new feature to their service today that gives me one more way to maximize my driving time. It’s called Jott Feeds. “Jott Feeds […]

One Of My Only Issues With Utterz

The absence of an upload progress bar may be the only thing I don’t like about Utterz.Mobile post sent by ResPres using Utterz.  Replies.

iPhone’s Lack Of Flash Support Is Insane

I love my iPhone. But I’ve said from the beginning that the fact it does not support an Adobe Flash plug-in is a bad decision. And it was clearly a conscious decision by Steve and his crew. Now, after a visit to a local Starbucks this evening, I can only conclude that it’s also an […]