AutoStitch – My New Favorite iPhone Panorama App

Back in November of 2008, I wrote up a quick review of two iPhone panorama stitching applications – Panorama vs. Pano. Shortly after that review, Panorama changed it’s interface, but it has remained my panorama app of choice. Until tonight. Enter AutoStitch for iPhone. AutoStitch appears to be based on the same core technology as […]

Twootball Falls Short Of Goal Line

When I saw the description for the Twootball iPhone App, a smile came to my face. Twootball has one simple function – display a live stream twitter conversation about NFL teams, organized around the games for that week. The idea of sitting in front of an upcoming playoff game and easily meeting new people via […]

Tweetie – My New Favorite iPhone Twitter App

I hate saying the name, but I love using Tweetie. Tweetie is a recent addition to the slew of Twitter applications available on the iPhone. I’ve tried every Twitter application on the iPhone, including the favorites Twinkle, Twitterific, and Twittelator. I’ve even tried Tweetsville, TwitterFon and GPSTwit and fired off photos with Twitfire. But in […]

iPhone Weather Apps

I guess you could say that I have turned into quite the iPhone app junkie lately. It’s almost a daily ritual to check what new apps have been published on the iTunes App Store. ¬†One of my interests is weather, and while Apple’s Weather application has a simple interface, it only provides current and forecasted […]

Wireless Mac Control Using An iPhone

I‘m writing this post on my Mac Pwerbook. That’s not news. I do it all the time. But since I injured my shoulder yesterday and can’t effectively use a keyboard or mouse, i’m controlling my Powerbook with my iPhone. I’m usung Air Mouse, the clear winner in my quick search for an option that would […]